Oh…not you again.

I have such a fraught relationship with blogging.

For starters, I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been writing since first grade, and grew up as the Internet became “a thing”, so naturally I gravitated towards blogging and putting my words out there in the world. It’s been the longest creative process of my life.

But blogging has also had some negative impacts on my life. Lost jobs, broken friendships, and failed relationships are on the top of the list. And yet…here I am.



After the umpteenth reboot, this is what I’ve settled on at my big age. I plan on making this iteration of blogging completely boundary-free. I’ll get super personal, but I’ll also share my nerdy thoughts on all matter of things. With the breakdown of social media platforms, returning back to blogging feels really right at this moment. So I’m going to try and use this space as my journal as I continue working out this thing called life.

Join me! Or don’t. It’s a big ol’ Internet out there.